Instructor Information

COVID-19 Update Fall 2020:

The EPC will not proctor a quiz/exam that students take remotely. Students with testing accommodations will reach out to their professors if they have questions about how their accommodations apply in a remote setting.


This means that:


·         The EPC may need to schedule a student’s quiz/exam at an alternate time. There will be situations in which the EPC will be unable to proctor at the same time as the in-class quiz/exam due to the capacity of the room.

·         The professor must provide the quiz/exam to the EPC at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled proctored time.

·         Digital quizzes/exams are required.

·         All quizzes/exams must be submitted electronically via the Clockwork Faculty Portal.  

·         Dropping off quizzes/exams in-person to the EPC will not be accepted unless completion of the quiz/exam relies on specialized equipment that must be delivered in-person.

·         The EPC will return completed quizzes/exams to the professor via their WPI email within 24 hours.


 If you have any questions or concerns please contact